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The page Whale species is update


Date: 06-06-2005

The page Whales species is update. a lot of new whale is in the site.

A new page is published


Date: 05-16-2005

Information and pictures people want me to Publish

To all who loves dolphins and whales

Date: 05-15-2005

If you miss anything or have some information about the animals that i don´t have and you want to have it published, I would be pleased to do that. Your name will also get published, and it doesn´t cost anything. What is the reason with this ? To give you as visitor a much wider site.

I will be pleased if you want support me

The categories "Different kind of whale fact" is update

Date: 05-07-2005

The page "different kind of whale facts" is update, a lot of new page is in the site

A new category

Date: 05-03-2005

A "different kind of whale facts" page is created.

Design update

Date: 05-02-2005

The design is now enhanced to be more viewable for more visitors with old webbrowsers.

New feature

Date: 05-01-2005

Today we are pleased to introduce a new feature, a search function for our webpages which will make it easier for you as visitor to find things.