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Your Ad Here Orcas in the Navy

The picture above shows an orca named "Ahad" enlisted in the navy working off the coast of Hawaii. Ahad was one of two orcas working in the navy in Hawaii retrieving decoy torpedos on the ocean floor. The other orca named Ishmel swam off when they were brought out to the open ocean and he never returned. Wild orcas are rarely seen in Hawaiian waters because they prefer much colder water. Ahad was captured in 1968 in October off the coast of Washington. He was a member of either J or L pod. He died in 1974 after a short life of only 5 1/2 years in captivity.

First picture shows Ahad retrieving a torpedo from the ocean floor and second picture shows him surfacing and his bent dorsal. Orcas in captivity have bent dorsals and although Ahad worked in the open ocean he was transported back to the Naval Oceanic Center on the island of Oahu. Below shows him in the sling used to transport orcas.