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Dr. John Upledger, D.O., O.M.M. is the founder of The Upledger Institute which teaches CranioSacral Therapy and it's related modalities. He shares his experiences with dolphins in his book,
Your Inner Physician and You, CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.
He was a "medic" in the Coast Guard based out of Panama City, Florida. His ship patrolled the Gulf of Mexico. During the two years that he was with the Coast Guard, he and his fellow crewmembers would occasionally jump off their ship into the gulf to swim, when the ship was between 50 to 100 miles from shore. He states that of the 75 to 100 times that he swam in the gulf and the approximately 50 times that he participated in row boat ventures between his ship and another vessel, the dolphins were there every time. They would appear as soon as the crew jumped into the water or got into their boats and started rowing.

After leaving the Coast Guard Dr. Upledger opened his medical practice in Clearwater Beach on the western coast of Florida. He continued to have friendly dolphin encounters during those years. He says that the dolphins were always playful but very careful; seeming to know that he was fragile and out of his natural element in the water and so took great care to be very careful in their interactions with him. He states, "I began to know, intuitively, that within the soul of each dolphin I met was a very wise and powerful ability to "heal" others and to understand our needs and pains. I also understood that the dolphins care a great deal about us humans, although we as a species have done precious little to deserve this love and consideration."As time went by, Dr. Upledger's desire to create a working relationship with one or more dolphins in the practice of health care grew. In September of 1996 he opened a program at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida, where patients were treated in the water along with the dolphins. The dolphins were not in any way compelled to interact in the healing sessions, but came to participate of their own free will. Their participation consisted of circling the patient and the therapists as they worked and at times touching the patient or the therapists for short periods of time, thus transferring their healing energy to the patient. Upledger and his staff have experienced many remarkable therapeutic results.

Dr. Upledger also relates a story that happened some 30 years after his initial interactions with the dolphins in 1954.

While he was working at his dolphin-therapist program in Grassy Keys, Florida. A dolphin named AJ initiated a close relationship with him. On one occasion AJ exhibited a behavior that was completely out of character for a dolphin according to all previous observations. At the suggestion of the trainer, Dr. Upledger extended his left palm face down on the surface of the water. Within seconds, AJ was under his hand. AJ began moving so that Dr. Upledger's hand, which he was holding still, began rubbing up and down his back. Then he put his blowhole-his breathing apparatus-under Upledger's hand so that his palm covered it. The trainer became very upset, stating that in her 18 years of experience she had never seen this happen before. AJ kept his blowhole under Dr. Upledger's hand for a minute or so then began moving back and forth again before he left.

Dr. Upledger states that during the interaction he felt the dolphin's energy go through him. He says, "I felt empowered, and I had an innate sense that I would be able to tap into this vibrational energy and use it in the future as it seemed appropriate."

Shortly after this experience Upledger was in Edinburgh, Scotland conducting a symposium. He was working on a patient as a demonstration and as he worked he would explain what he was doing and what was happening with the patient. He encountered a strong resistance, energetically with the patient and said aloud. "I'm going to use some "dolphin energy" here." During the lunch break his audio technician told him that when he had applied the "dolphin energy" the static in his recording equipment also had increased significantly. The technician later reported the same effect each time Upledger applied this energy over the course of the day.

After the symposium Upledger was approached by a women who was participating in the event. She told him that she was in her 60's and was a professor of physical therapy at the University of Edinburgh. She also told him that she didn't believe anything that wasn't scientifically tested and she didn't believe in "dolphin energy". She told him that she had experienced the static of the "dolphin energy" through her hearing aid, which she had been wearing for 20 years. She said that she had never experienced this static before and that the static continued each time he used the "dolphin energy" throughout the remainder of the symposium.

About a month after Upledger returned home form Scotland he received a letter from this skeptical physical therapy professor. She said that she still did not believe in "dolphin energy", but she felt compelled to tell him that four days after the symposium, she discovered that she no longer needed her hearing aid. She said that she could now hear a watch ticking with what was once her deaf ear.

Dr. Upledger says, "She wanted me to explain what had happened. By then, I had learned that there are many useful things you can rely on, but still can't explain. Among these are gravity, some electrical phenomena, and perhaps dolphin energy."