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Lobe : A rounded projection.

Lobtail : In cetaceans, to slap the flukes on the water's surface, making a loud splash.

Locally common : Uncommon or absent over most of range, but relatively common in one or more specific localities.

Logging : Lying still at or near the surface.

Lunate : Crescent-shaped.


Mass stranding : The stranding of three or more cetaceans.

Median Fins : The unpaired fins - dorsal, and caudal.

Melon : In many toothed whales, the bulging forehead, often containing oil.

Mesopelagic : Living in the midwaters of the open ocean.

Migration : Regular journeys between one region and another, usually associated with breeding and feeding cycles, or seasonal or climatic change.

Mysticeti : A suborder of the Order Cetacea, containing baleen whales only.


Nape : The area along the back between the head and the dorsal fin.

Nasal : Pertaining to the nostrils and the surrounding area.

Nostril : Referring to the physical hole where breathing takes place (in most cetaceans this is referred to as a blowhole.

Notch : V-shaped cut or indentation.